Monday, 9 February 2015

The Ndebele people of Zimbabwe were part of Southern Africa before they had to migrate. Why?
The Ndebele people had existed as an independent nation till 1893 when King Lobengula was forcefully removed from power by the British colonialists.
The history of the Ndebele people begun when they were part of the Zulus until a Zulu chief has a split from King Shaka in the early 19th century under the leadership of Mzilikazi, a former chief in his kingdom and ally. The unhappy Zulus went on to conquer the Ndebele people. Thus the name, Chief Mzilikazi named his kingdom Mthwakazi but the European's called it Matabeleland. Chief Mthwakazi later migrated his people to the present day Zimbabwe eventually,creating a land now called Matabeleland and encompassing the west and south-west region of the country.
Today, the (ama)Ndebele of Zimbabwe or bakwaKhumalo (the people of Khumalo) are the second largest population of Zimbabwe and their language is isiNdebele, and just like their South African (ama) Ndebele counterpart is one of the official languages of the state.


"The chameleon gets behind the fly, remains motionless for some time, then he advances very slowly and gently, first putting forward one leg and then another. At last, when well within reach, he darts his tongue and the fly disappears. England is the chameleon and I am that fly." — Lobengula,the second and last king of Ndebele. 

 The modern day ndebele dancers

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