Wednesday, 18 February 2015


The 'I be 16 years' crooner singer, Belinda Ekua Amoah aka Mzbel said recently in interview with Ghana TV that she does not believe Jesus Christ exist.

"I don’t want to offend anybody, I use to
believe in him, but according to my own
research I think he was made up, I might be wrong but I think he was made up, I don’t know if Jesus is the messiah."

Mzbel did not say why she made such statement. According to her she used to believe in Christianity way back up to the extent that she prayed one day and smoke filled her room.

"I actually prayed in my room one time, until it my room was filled with smoke, I called my pastor and told him that there were witches in my home and he told me that the presence of God was with me in my room, but now trust I
won’t believe in it any-more."

Why the change of heart towards Christianity and Jesus Christ; she didn't say.

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